3 Div Country Club, Lake Eppalock

PA 53

Location; Low Head Rd, Lake Eppalock, Central Victoria.

-36.8972, 144.5370

Between 1963 and 1964 the Bendigo Citizens Association (later called the Bendigo CMF Welfare Association) made formal approaches to HQ 3 Div to take an active part in their development of a recreational park for CMF members. In 1964 HQ 3 Div took over the project from the Bendigo Citizens Association. The Command 3 Division appointed a Management Committee for the 3 Division Country Club to develop the site at Eppalock and charged them with the task of raising funds to carry out the projects.

Initially a 5 acre waterfront block was obtained on a 15 year lease, the lease was renewable each 15 years on condition that the lessee shows continued interest. In view of substantial progress made at Eppalock by 3 Div Country Club, the Authority (the Kimbolton Management Committee) leased the club an additional 15 acres adding the original 5 acre block.

Many weekend bivouacs were held on the land carrying out improvements and maintenance tasks as well as training. The 1967 and 1968 annual camps were held at the Country Club with 24 Officers, 29 Senior NCO’s and 257 OR’s. Their list of tasks included; 

Access Road, 1.2 miles of 24 foot formation, 4 inch consolidated thickness gravel road from twin Rivers Road to the entrance of the Country Club. Circuit Road, 15 foot one way road throughout the areas including culverts, guide posts and signage. Foot Bridge to Sometime Island, 14 spans, 15 feet apart, with potted Piles, timber crossheads and timber beams. Boat Launching Ramp, 128ft by 12ft wide in-situ concrete section with a 1 in 10 grade and 50ft of 12ft  wide concrete planks plus guide posts. Access to boat ramp, one way access road, turning bay and parking bay. Toilet Block Area, Toilet block constructed including Septic tank and underfloor plumbing, Water supply line to outer tank site including concrete slab, Seating inside and out. Day Picnic Area, a double and two single BBQ’s, Incinerator Table and form combination and all weather surface. Miscellaneous Works, Entrance gateway, access road to Fortuna Point

Unfortunately the site was not well supported and under the terms of agreement the lease was not renewed. Currently the area is now leased by the Lowhead Road Fishing Club and there is strictly no access to the site.