Royal Australian Engineers Association of Victoria Inc.


The Royal Australian Engineers Association of Victoria is an Incorporated Association open to all serving and former members of the Royal Australian Engineers; people who are serving or have served in RAE units and military engineers from the armed forces of allied countries.  Associate Membership is available to people who support the association but do not meet the military service membership criteria.

Reg No. A0046126U

Royal Australian Engineer Association Services


The primary reason why our Association was formed is for giving mental and physical support to both retired and serving Sappers and their families.

Remembering our Fallen

We remember our fellow sappers who have given their all, for the the benefit of us all …………. Lest We Forget.

Social Interaction

We meet socially with musters and get togethers on a regular basis whilst, at the same time supporting the local depot messes.

Tours and excursions

We conduct a number of tours and excursions throughout the year to interesting destinations.

History and Heritage

We are committed to preserving the History of the Royal Australian Engineers in Victoria and recognising their past achievements.

Mottos of the Royal Australian Engineers

“Ubique” – Everywhere – This motto was originally bestowed on Engineers and Gunners by King William IV in 1832 in recognition that both Sappers and Gunners where not entitled to carry Regimental Colours.

“Facimus et Frangimus” – We make and we break – This is the original motto of Australian Engineers adopted at Federation and appearing on the engineer hat badge up until 1947. It now only appears on the Corps Cipher.

“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” – Evil to he who evil thinks – This motto which appears around the Garter on the Corps hat badge is also the motto of the Order of the Garter.

Once a Sapper, Always a Sapper

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