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OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA is a not for profit organisation tasked with reaching out and assisting former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members.

OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA is a peer to peer, boots on the ground, first response organisation formed to assist former ADF members who are at risk or in crisis. Once engaged, OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA will then act as a bridge to other Ex Services Organisations (ESOs) better equipped to help with the needs of these personnel.

All OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA first responders are former or current serving members of the ADF. We strive for peer to peer support, Navy to Navy, Air Force to Air Force, Army to Army. We are one of very few organisations that actively communicate with former ADF members and provide assistance when in crisis rather than waiting for them to come to us.

How do we operate?

OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA mirrors an Infantry Battalions Radio Net using the social media platform Facebook. Overwatch Australia utilises a peer to peer support model in that wherever possible we strive to match Service/Corps/Gender interaction with the people we help. 

To help facilitate the peer to peer support the umbrella Overwatch Australia organisation is split into individual Service/Corps pages on Facebook all linked to the Overwatch Australia Task Force page for ease of two way flow of information. 

Each individual page has a number of National Coordinators, State Response Coordinators (SRC) and Page Admins that are also members of the Task Force page. The pages also have First Responders (FR) and Observers (OBS) that assist with the Overwatch mission.

Message Received by RAE Association Victoria…….

Fellow Sappers,

Many of you will be well aware of the Overwatch Australia initiative that brings all of us closer to being able to assist a mate in need and or at risk of self-harm. Overwatch National HQ has requested the RAE Overwatch element reach out to as many of our Sapper Associations and groups, whether formal or informal. RAE National Coordinator NSW Bob Ihlein requested I communicate with as many of you as possible. 

 Below are relevant links to;

 The RAE Overwatch Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/RAEOverwatch/

 Within the RAE Overwatch Facebook element is a list, by State and Territory contacts that can assist if you become aware of or are contacted for assistance https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/160923%20RAE%20OVERWATCH%20MASTER%20CONTACT%20LIST%20BY%20STATE%20%26%20LOCATION.pdf?token=AWyZls-FMc7xnqnS597bknk_3BdSfF2nYm1xq1HRtlBf4Ew6eLDlj0u1UrmRffxcb4WsP_r-sq9v5qS7xQ1AN1L00POKACu7TZOW8rlWg_hav1kuJX9ubJ8D4f0bZhU4uMeTaM8DAAG6SCChUuPICq9s

The Overwatch Australia web site, http://overwatchaustralia.org.au/

We trust you will assist with the widest distribution of this information.

 Kind regards,

 Ron Brandy

Alcoholics Anonymous


RSL Victoria State Office


Ringwood RSL



If you have served or are currently serving in the ADF, you and your family members can use ‘OPEN ARMS – Veterans and families Counselling ( Formerly VVCS) 24 hour service

To get support or find out more; 1800 011 046

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