Sapper Summit Magazine

Sapper Summit is the journal of the Royal Australian Engineers Association of Victoria.  It is published twice a year and from time to time, special supplements are also published. In addition to promoting events relevant to members and to 22 Engineer Regiment, Sapper Summit also features articles of historical interest as well as promoting welfare issues that impact on current and retired soldiers. 


Sapper Summit will be published in June and December each year.  It is important that Sapper Summit remains current and relevant.  Therefore contributions from the sapper community are always welcomed.

Articles, letters, reviews, essays and photographs add significantly to the quality and appeal of Sapper Summit. 

If you have anything to contribute, please contact the editor by email at or P.O. Box 246 Ringwood East, Vic, 3135.

Past issues are available for download below.

Sapper Summit Issues

Members receive an e-copy of Sapper Summit as a part of their membership.  Hard copies in full colour can be ordered through the Association’s Shop (See button below) 

These Sapper Summit Issues below are free to download , all the way back to Issue Number 1 in April 1992 and then further issues are available further back to the Southern Command RAE Newsletter dated 1971.