Future Events

Below is a list of our Future Events. These events form an important part of our role as an Association and with your support, these events can only strengthen our esprit de corps

9 October 2020 – Sir John Holland Golf Day


The Evans-Zoller Trophy is played for by RAE and allied forces’ officers, the competition rules were amended for RAE and allied officer’s (described as eligible players in the attached brief) to invite a partner.  Where there are Sappers /NCO’s/WO wishing to play the ‘organisers’ will match them up with an eligible player.

Sir John Holland AC (21 June 1914 – 31 May 2009) was an Australian engineer and construction magnate, who founded the John Holland Construction Group (later named John Holland (Holdings) Pty Ltd) in 1949. He was managing director until 1972, Chairman until 1986, and President from 1986 until his death. He was a keen sportsman in his younger days, and later became president of Royal Melbourne Golf Club and patron of Flinders Golf Club.[

23-25 October 2020 – 22 Construction Regiment Annual Reunion

Lakes Entrance RSL, 221 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance – Glenara Motel for the accomodation

11 November 2020 – Remembrance Day Services – Ringwood RSL & Repatriation Hospital

Ringwood and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital – 11 November 2020 at 1100

14 November 2020 – Sir Clive Steele Lecture

Oakleigh Barracks 14 November 2020

Major General Sir Clive Selwyn SteeleKBEDSOMCVD (30 September 1892 – 5 August 1955) was an engineer and a senior officer of the Australian Army who served in both the First and Second World Wars. He was instrumental in the expansion of the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) in preparation for the war against Japan.

15 November 2020 – 22 ER Open Day / Parade

Oakleigh Barracks 15 November 2020

27 November 2020 – Christmas Nibbles

Ringwood RSL – TBA

June 2021 – Waterloo Dinner

Location TBA

The Story of the Waterloo Dinner

On 18th June 1915 at Gallipoli there was a daily gathering of sapper “Brass” for ”elevenses” or “coffee house” in the dugout of the AA and QMG 1 Aust Div, LTCOL C.J. Foott RAE, MAJ H.L.Macworth RE, OC 1 Aust Div Sig Coy brought to their notice the completion of the pier by LT Stan Watson RAE.

LTCOL Foott called attention to the fact that 18th June was the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and suggested that a dinner be held in his dugout that evening to celebrate both the Waterloo Anniversary and the pier completion – the first Waterloo Dinner. It was attended by six RAE officers, six RE officers and one non-sapper officer.

It was not until 1924 that the first known Waterloo Dinner was held in Australia. The dinner was held at Victoria Barracks in Melbourne and had over 70 officers attending. COL Foott was at that time on the QMG Branch Staff. In early 1925 COL Foot was appointed as Director of Engineers and he encouraged the other states to hold a similar dinner in future years.

7 June 2021 – Hill 60 Commemoration & Wreath Laying at the Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial, Canberra – 1700hrs

The memorial to the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company at Ypres, Belgium

The 1st Australian Tunnelling Company  was one of the tunnelling companies of the Royal Australian Engineers during World War I. The tunnelling units were occupied in offensive and defensive mining involving the placing and maintaining of mines under enemy lines, as well as other underground work such as the construction of deep dugouts for troop accommodation, the digging of subways, saps (narrow trenches dug to approach enemy trenches), cable trenches, and underground chambers for signals and medical services.

The 1st Australian Tunnelling Company took over the mines at Hill 60 in November 1916, led in part by Captain Oliver Woodward and they maintained the mines over the winter. The mines placed under the German lines and were charged with explosives. At 3:10 a.m. on 7 June 1917, the first mine (Hill 60) contained 53,000 pounds (24,000 kg) of ammonal explosive and the second (The Caterpillar) containing 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg). were detonated under the German lines. The blasts created one of the largest explosions in history, reportedly heard in London and Dublin, demolishing a large part of the hill and killing c. 10,000 German soldiers. It is estimated that altogether approximately thirty Australian tunnellers of the Royal Australian Engineers were killed at Hill 60.

1 July 2021 – RAE Corps 119th Birthday (Raised 1 July 1902) Ubique

1 July 1902 saw the amalgamation of 5 of the Australian colonies independent Engineers to form the Corps of Engineers. At this time, the Corps consisted of field, fortress, telegraph, electric and submarine mining companies.

Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day, 15 August 2021

Vietnam Veterans Day – 18 August 2021

14 September 2021 – Australian Peacekeeping Day

Reflecting the day on which Australia’s, and the United Nation’s, first peacekeepers deployed in Indonesia in

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