Puffing Billy Railway Station, Lakeside, Emerald

PA 85

Location; Puffing Billy Railway Station, Lakeside, Emerald

-37.9305, 145.4597

In 1990, Lt Col Richard Lightfoot commanded 7 Field Engineer Regiment, with WO I Phil Palazzi, a regular soldier, as his RSM. Lightfoot, originally a glaciologist and veteran of several trips to Antarctic®, is a consulting engineer. The 1990 camp saw the regiment at work in its own backyard with an old friend the Emerald Tourist Railway Board, which made for good regional publicity. Soldiers and plant worked around Emerald Lake on the railway line itself, at Menzies Creek station, and built a bridge at Fielder, Cockatoo to the original specifications.

The Fielder Bridge

The Bridges at Emerald Lake

During 1990 both 10 Field Squadron and 38 Field Squadron, 7 Field Engineer Regiment, now called 22 Engineer Regiment based at Ringwood East in Melbourne, built 2 bridges over Emerald Lake. One was a 15 metre 4 span bridge and the second a 9 metre bridge, this included the walkways and roads leading to them