Heritage Trail

The RAE Association has created a treated pine and stainless steel Heritage Marker with a stainless steel plaque attached to the top, these markers will be erected on the sites of historical significance. The Plaque will have the RAE Badge and the words Royal Australian Engineers followed by a brief description of the project. There will also be a QR Code, this is a code that can be scanned by your phone. A free app is available to download from the app store for this purpose. When the QR Code is scanned it will upload a PDF File that will give you a complete description of the project with photos etc for you to copy or read at home at your leisure.

PA 53 – 3 Division Country Club, Lake Eppalock

PA 80 – Mt Useful, Springs Rd, Licola

PA 81 – ‘Redwood Bridge’ Warburton

PA 82, 83 – Puffing Billy’ Belgrave and Gembrook

PA 84 – ‘Puffing Billy’ Menzies Creek

PA 85 – ‘Puffing Billy’ Lakeside

PA 86 – ‘Baines Bridge’ Kevington